With 800 acres, including 3 mud holes, a mud track, drive thru buggy/ATV wash, plenty of parking, restrooms, camping and food vendors, the Redneck Yacht Club is mud, fun, grub & more!

The Redneck Yacht Club has 4 mud holes to choose from depending on your riding preferences.

Pine Island Sound is the main mud hole. It has about 5-6 islands that serve as the meeting place for vehicles of all sizes, but watch out because there are several spots that will get you if you don’t pay attention.

The Grouper Hole is located west of Pine Island Sound and is perfect for the smaller vehicles and ATV’s., but will also pose a challenge to some of the larger vehicles as well. Here, you’ll find plenty of water as well as some deep areas that will get you if you’re not watching.

Gator Slough is just over the red bridge, tucked away west of the mud track. There is a combination of hills, trails and definitely mud! This is a great place for those that looking for some excitement, but don’t want to get too wet.

Hog Waller is just west of the mud track and is a great place for everyone to come together. Here, you’re sure to be in the spotlight so come on out and show us what you got!

For those of you who prefer a little more a challenge, we have a 500’ oval mud track that is sure to get the crowd interested. We challenge ya’ll to come show us what you got in the mud track!